Black Microbeads


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Microbeads are less than 1mm in diameter, and are great for 1:48 scale decorating.  They can be used for drawer pulls on small dressers, glued in a bowl for a decoration, as fill in small jars, the options are limitless.   A small amount goes a long way, which is why we are offering them at a smaller amount than usually found.  

If you are only purchasing embellishments, we will ship them in a smaller package, and therefore if you are charged $5 in shipping at check out, rest assured that you will be getting a $2 refund on your shipping charges.  We wish there was a better way to tell our website “hey, if they only buy this kind of item, we don’t need to charge as much for shipping” but the website doesn’t want to work like that, so we have to work around it.